FARM Davis is an alternative form of civic action, building community through sustainable farming, assisting low-income and homeless populations, and integrating local and real food into mainstream culture and education.

We are a community who considers food a political matter in that we support organic food as a basic human right for all, whether someone is able to work or not. Our two FARM Davis “free farms” provide a weekly donation to Davis Community Meals, Empower Yolo, STEAC, and to low-income housing facilities in Davis, CA. If you are a low income individual or if you represent an organization or school that serves low-income people and you would like to receive donations, please complete this .pdf form and email it to farmdavis(@)

FARM Davis Core Values
1. Pay it forward.
2. Build on the ideas and generosity of others—never turn down a gift.
3. Employ economic models that promote an equitable and generous culture.
4. Work when you can— regularly or intermittently.
5. Bring joy to community work and to working together.
6. Value quality engagement over quantifiable results.

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Our goals include:

    • Manifesting Mahatma Gandhi’s “BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD.”  While we may not be holding picket signs, we care about how poverty effects everyone. We’re worried about the increasing alienation around real food. We want to change the way people relate to each other. We have the power to provide ourselves with an alternative to corporate farming practices- we have the power to do it ourselves.
    • Defining and referring to FARM sites as a community farm: for anyone to work on and for everyone to eat from. We donate our harvests on a weekly basis to people who could not normally buy this food, and we never sell any of it.
    • Employing permaculture ethics and procedures. Everything has its place at a FARM site and we design them to be interconnected.
    • Expansion/Coalition Building. We see this as a first step in a state-wide, national, and international movement. Please let us know if you would like to build and design your own FARM in your part of the world. We would like to facilitate the exchange of knowledge between FARMers.

Contact us: farmdavis(at)