FARM Davis has a fiber and dye garden at our FARM 2.6 location. This garden mainly engages the fiber artists, DIYers, and sustainably-minded community, wishing to rethink the clothing industry’s methods. We’ve grown flax, cotton, and dozens of different colors for dyes using flowers, roots, and vegetables that sometimes double as a food donation. (for example, carrot tops make an excellent green dye while the roots contribute toward a great meal for low-income and homeless communities on Tuesday evenings). We frequently hold fiber and dye events to demonstrate and practice spinning, wool processing, and dying fibers.


The Grow and Give Project is a community service project designed to teach Fifth Grade children about growing organic food, preparing food, and sharing with local community.

The project consists of a series of workshops, engaging Fifth Graders to:


Children decide what they would like to grow and share with residents of Eleanor Roosevelt Circle, a local low income and senior housing community.


Children plant seeds for their meal at FARM 2.6 at the start of the growing season.


Children return and harvest their garden at FARM 2.6. After, they go to Eleanor Roosevelt Circle to prepare a meal with the help of Davis Food Coop certified food handlers. Children serve and share a meal with the residents. This series of workshops teaches children to grow and prepare food, to cooperate, to follow through, and to care for others in our community. The Davis Food Coop provides certified food handlers and supplies/materials that children can not grow at the farm, Eleanor Roosevelt Circle provides the kitchen facility, and FARM Davis provides the garden educators and land for an experiential learning adventure and community service project.



FARM Davis cares for 15 friendly chickens and two rescued donkeys at our FARM 2.6 location. These animals provide compost, eggs, and friendship for many at the farm. Additionally, our animals provide therapeutic support to Cesar Chavez Plaza guests who visit FARM 2.6 for “A Day at the FARM” because they don’t mind being held, petted, brushed, and hand fed!



A gift economy is a relationship where valuables are not sold, but rather given without an explicit agreement for immediate or future rewards. The emphasis is on relationship growth, rather than the goods or expectation of return. FARMers believe that the act of giving not only perpetuates a larger culture of generosity, but it grows one’s capacity for happiness through the creation of meaningful relationships. Through this economy, we are suggesting that participants rethink relationships with food and land, each other, and themselves.