Frequently Asked Questions

What is FARM Davis?
Over the last few decades, the nation’s funding to assist the homeless has plummeted. Many mental institutions in the 1980′s closed due to a lack of funding. Migrant workers are considered “illegal,” placing them into dangerous and vulnerable social and occupational situations. Environmental deregulation has increased.

In an effort to appeal to the culture of participation, positivity, and progress, we are building FARMs as a symbol of needed change. We are publicly and productively making our opinions heard in an attempt to influence culture—we’re just doing it in a voice that feels right to us. Some are calling this “slow protest.”

The FARMers donate all that we grow. It’s a true farm to fork movement.

Who can work at FARM?
Anyone can work, no matter you level of knowledge of your physical abilities. There is work for everyone. We ask that you respect the FARMs and protect it, as you might do in your own treasured garden. Most FARMers are learning and we are always looking to teach and learn from each other.

Who do you donate the food to?
Currently, we donate to the low income/no income clients of Davis Community Meals, Empower Yolo, STEAC, Cesar Chavez Plaza, and Eleanor Roosevelt Circle + individuals in Yolo County.  DCM prepares healthy meals three times a week out of St. Martin’s church off of Sycamore Drive in West Davis for anyone who is hungry.

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If you are interested in receiving produce, eggs, or scarf/hat donations, please email farmdavis(@)

How much food are you able to grow each year?
Each site grows different food and different amounts. Our FARM 2.6 site is the largest (2.6 acres, hence the name) and we care for a flock of chickens and over 70 fruit trees there which means we donate a lot of heavy fruit each week + eggs. The K Street FARM is a converted front yard. The mini-row crops include primarily veggies with a few fruit trees in the mix. We grow approximately 7,000 lbs of food each year.

How do you afford to do this?
The land is donated. The tools are donated. The seeds are donated. The labor is donated. We rely on the generosity of others to make this project work. If we have seeds, we plant. If we have wood, we build. If we have nothing, we connect over what we don’t have and how we might change that. FARM Davis operates on a gift economy which means that we build personal relationships through the exchange of a gift. We give food away to those who need it. Generous people help us to do that. It’s a great, big, happy, pay-it-forward type of thing.

What is FARM Davis’ mission statement and core values?

Mission statement:

FARM Davis is an alternative form of civic action, building community through sustainable farming of public and private space, assisting low-income and homeless populations, and integrating local and real food into mainstream culture and education.

Core values:
1. Pay it forward
2. Build on the ideas and generosity of others—never turn down a gift
3. Employ economic models that promote an equitable and generous culture
4. Work when you can— regularly or intermittently
5. Bring joy to community work and to working together
6. Value quality engagement over quantifiable results

What does FARM Davis need?

We seem to always need gardening tools (hand shovels, hoes, etc), bales of straw, hoses, and irrigation parts.