The Grow and Give Project is a community service project designed to teach Fifth Grade children about growing organic food, preparing food, and sharing with local community.

The project consists of a series of workshops, engaging Fifth Graders to:


Children decide what they would like to grow and share with residents of Eleanor Roosevelt Circle, a local low income and senior housing community.


Children plant seeds for their meal at FARM 2.6 at the start of the growing season.


Children return and harvest what they grew at FARM 2.6. After, they go to Eleanor Roosevelt Circle to prepare a meal with certified food handlers. Children serve and share a meal with the residents.


This series of workshops teaches children about growing and preparing food, cooperation, follow through, and caring for others in our community. Grow and Give receives support from Eleanor Roosevelt Circle (kitchen), Davis Farm to School (funding),  and the Davis Food Coop (missing ingredients).


Recent Press ::
The Davis Enterprise Students, Seniors Share Another Grow & Give Meal (2/3/17)
The Davis Enterprise Bridging Generations over a Meal (12/22/15)
The Davis Enterprise Sharing a Meal, and so much more (12/21/14)
The Davis Enterprise Grow & Give brings students and seniors into the farm-to-fork movement (12/17/13)

Testimonials ::
“My favorite part of the field trip was getting to meet the seniors and helping them with new things. I was also having a fun time when we cooked the food. Getting to serve it to the seniors was very exciting because you got to meet new people and be polite and kind to them.”
— Bay, Fifth Grader, Birch Lane Elementary

“I liked eating the most because the food we made was very good, especially the dumplings.”
— Nathan, Fifth Grader, Birch Lane Elementary

“The best part of all was making the food and preparing it to make the senior citizens happy.”
— Alex, Fifth Grader, Birch Lane Elementary

“Everything at 2.6 is cool.”
— Philip, Fifth Grader, Birch Lane Elementary

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